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How to carry kayak with a travel trailer: 6 methods

Kayaking locations may not be always next to you. Sometimes you may want to enjoy kayaking in a different place to explore something new.

Discovering something new is always fascinating to everyone. But the problem arises when it is difficult to transport your beautiful kayak. This problem may be worsened if you need to carry your partner’s kayak too.

In this article, we are going to learn how to carry kayaks with a travel trailer. 

1. Carry kayak in the back of your travel trailer

There are many types of kayak carriers available in the market nowadays. Some of them are costlier than a kayak. In this article, I am going to tell you about a kayak carrier that is easy to install and cost is also lower. So, let’s dive into it.

Parts of VertiYak kayak carrier
Different parts of VertiYak kayak carrier

VertiYak kayak carrier ( hitch mount)

This kayak carrying system is one of the simple methods of carrying kayak with a travel trailer. Here we described its installation procedure both in written and video format. Here it goes!

Start with a lower beam to a 2-inch receiver and then lock the beam with a hitch pin. Now we are going to take the lower cradle as a lower part and decide where we are going to mount this.

We have three options for height (Lower, middle, and top). We are going to mount it in the middle position and will see how high the nose of the kayaks from the ground.

The cradle is the bottom piece. Now mount the bracket onto the cradle so that the taller portion of the bracket remains upward. Install the cradle in the middle slot with a temporary safety pin and test for the height of the kayak for ground clearance.

It is recommended that you should keep this clearance at least 6 inches. After temporary installation, put your kayak into the cradle. If the kayak’s nose makes good clearance from the ground, then you can move for final fixing.

Remove the temporary safety pin and put the bolt. This installation comes with three bolts. Use the tallest one with a washer and nut and tighten those together.

Now let’s move on to the upper beam. Place this upper beam on top of the lower beam and insert the small bolt into the hole between the two beams and tighten it.

Now the upper retaining arm will be the same installation as the lower cradle. Here the long portion of the bracket will be in the downside and the bolt will go into the bottom hole instead of the top hole which will allow you to hinge it down.

Put the washer between the plate and the upper beam so that it does not peel off the paint. Now tighten up not so high so that it does not prevent it from hinging.

Finally, you can add foam or padding on the frames of the vertiyak kayak carrier so that your kayak remains unscratched. And also use a strap in the middle of the kayak for more security.

Watch how he installed this system.

2. Carry On The Roof Rack

Many travel trailer is loaded with so much stuff that they do not have any space for kayaks to carry. In that case, one option is available for transporting kayaks.

In this section, I will tell how you can carry your kayak on the roof rack. I will describe about the installation procedure of Sport-rack roof rack step by step.

sportrack roof rack
Different parts of Sportrack roof rack
Sport Rack Roof Rack Installation Procedure:
There are so many types of roof racks available in the market. Some of them are costly and tough to install by yourself. But, this roof rack is easy to install and also less costly than others in the market.
In the installation manual, the proper length and other necessary measurements are indicated for a specific vehicle. The marking of length is drawn on the bars for easy and quick installation. So you can adjust the length easily by sliding the ends back and forth by loosening with an allen key.
The whole installation consists of bars, end caps, clamps, rubber pads, keys, etc. The provided keys are given to remove the end caps. After removing end caps you will see a bolt that is used to tighten the clamps with the help of an allen key to your vehicle roof.
These clamps are specially coated so that it does not make any scratch onto your beautiful vehicle. The bars are also coated with plastic for preventing rust.
Step one: Remove endcaps and place forward bar

For installing the system first, remove the end caps using the key. Then loosen the sliding rubber pads to adjust the length of the vehicle.

Now the forward bar should be installed as the manual indicated distance from the forward door crack.

If the proper distance is not provided take a distance that is not too far or not too nearer to the door crack.

sportrack roof rack installation image 1
1.1 Remove end cap and slide
place forward bar
1.2 Place the forward bar
Step Two: Place rubber pad on the groove of roof and tighten the bracket with allen key
Then place the rear bar at a distance approximately 24 inches from the forward bar (see manual for vehicle-specific measurements). Now one leg of the rubber pad should place in the groove of the roof of your vehicle and the other leg will be reinforced by the clamp or bracket.
place the rubber pad in the groove of roof
2.1 Place the rubber pad on the groove
tighten the rubber pad with allen key
2.2 Tighten the bracket with allen key
Step Three: Lock the endcaps using key

After placing the rubber pads in the groove then tighten the bolts with an allen key. Finally, place the clamp and tighten both clamp and rubber pads together inserting the bolt into the lower hole of the clamp.

Here you go, lock the end caps for more security using just a twist of the key.

locking endcaps
3. Lock the endcaps

Great! You have done it. You have already known how to install the Sportrack roof rack. So, it is time to go for a drive with your favorite kayaks with your partner. One quick note here for safety is that recheck all the mounting for any mistakes or miss alignments.

3. Put kayak on the roof of the travel trailer

Your travel trailer may not have an option for holding your kayak on the roof. If the backside of the travel trailer is already loaded with other stuff then you can use the roof.

In this case, you need to attach some D ring to hold the strap. You can attach three D rings by drilling the roof. After attaching the rings make sure that the installation is leak-proof. For that, you can apply coating.

Now using a ladder, reach the roof of your trailer. put the kayak on the roof. The nose of the kayak has to hold by looping the strap two turns. The rear of the kayak is also held by looping the strap. For doing this, you can watch the video attached here.

4. Put your kayak on the bed of your trailer

Now if your bed is large enough (at least half of the length of your kayak including the tailgate) and you feel that it is stable then I think you don’t need extra attachment. But before trying that be careful about strapping the kayak.

Firmly strap the kayak with the sidewall mounting of your trailer. Check it by shaking and pulling the kayak. If it is firm enough and you feel satisfied with this process you can try it.

5. Using a bed extender

If you think about cost the best extender will be perfect for you. There are several bed extenders you can use in your trailer. Some of them are L-shaped some are curvy. These are very easy to install compared to previous systems.

Just slide the bar into the hitch of your vehicle and lock it with the pin by inserting it into the hole. Then lock the pin from other side.

Awesome! You have finished all. It’s very simple and easy to use. Just for a note, you can use a foam pad around the frame where your kayak will sit. This padding will prevent scratching your kayak as well as your new frame. Since peeling off paint can cause rusting to your frame.

kayak trailer
Carry your kayak using a trailer

6. Using a Trailer 

If you don’t want any hassle this option is for you. In fact, nobody wants hassle before their recreational events. For this, we may need to spend some extra. 

 A kayak trailer is used to carry not only kayaks but also other stuff too. It will give you elegance during travel with less hassle.

In the market, there are a variety of trailers available. Before getting one you should learn about them which are good for your vehicle. You can use a kayak trailer like Ruff-Sport Trailer, Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit, etc. 

Finally, I think this article answers the question of how to carry kayak with a travel trailer. Here we discussed several methods of doing it. Which one is best suited for you? Let us know by commenting below. Also, suggest to us if you have done anything better in carrying your kayak with your travel trailer.

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