sea eagle fishskiff 16 review

Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 Review: Will it be Your Ultimate Fishing Companion?

If you’re in the market for a versatile, durable, and high-performance fishing boat that can handle a variety of water conditions, the Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 may be just what you’re looking for.

This inflatable fishing boat from Sea Eagle is designed for anglers who want the freedom and flexibility to fish in shallow waters, rocky shorelines, or open waters, without sacrificing stability, safety, or convenience. 

In this review article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 and evaluate its features, performance, and overall value for money.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newbie, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to decide if the Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 is the right fishing boat for your needs and budget.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 review.



Material &


All-drop-stitch, double-layer,

high-pressure fusion technology

Seating capacity

3 persons or 1765 lbs

Swivel seat

Single or double available


16 foot by 4 foot 8 inches

Engine capacity

10 HP

Inflation time

17 minutes

Inflation pressure

15 psi

Features and Specifications

Sea Eagle fishskiff 16 review of specification

Constructed from 1000 Denier Reinforced Drop Stitch material, the FishSkiff 16 provides exceptional strength and durability even in the toughest water conditions.

The hull weight of 82 lbs (92 lbs. with transom) makes it easy to transport, while the three tube diameters of 6″ Drop Stitch offer superior stability and maneuverability on the water.

The boat features quadruple overlapping superior glued seams for added durability, while the high inflation pressure of 15 psi ensures a rigid and stable ride.

Design and Convenience

sea eagle fishskiff 16 fishing convenience

The exterior dimensions of 16′ x 4’8″ provide plenty of space for you and your fishing buddies, while the interior dimensions of 12′ x 3′ offer ample room for all your fishing gear.

When deflated, the FishSkiff 16 is compact, measuring approximately 60″ x 24″ x 12″. It’s easy to store and transport, making it an ideal choice for anglers who want a boat they can take on the go.

Durability and Stability

sea eagle fishskiff 16 stability

One of the most impressive features of the Fish Skiff 16 is its durability. This boat is tough enough to withstand rocks, logs, and other obstacles that can damage traditional boats.

The boat is made from high-quality materials, and the construction is solid, making it resistant to tears and rips. The Fish Skiff 16 also has extreme buoyancy, which gives it excellent stability, making it easy to stand up and cast bait casters and hoppers.

It can hold up to five people, and with its weight capacity of up to 1050 pounds, you can carry all your fishing gear without any problem.


The Fish Skiff 16 is designed to handle different water conditions, from shallow waters as deep as six inches to open water where you can travel long distances.

The boat comes equipped with a Honda 5 gas engine that is fuel-efficient, giving you about 30 miles per gallon. It also has an electric motor that is perfect for stealth fishing, allowing you to get close to the structure without scaring away the fish.

The boat is easy to deploy and takes only a few minutes to set up. With its inflatable design, it can be rolled up and fit into the back of your car, making it easy to transport to different fishing locations.

Engine and Speed

Sea eagle fishskiff 16 engine speed

With an engine capacity of up to 10 hp (100 lbs. max weight, 15″ shaft, gas engine), the FishSkiff 16 is capable of reaching impressive speeds of up to 21.5 mph with one adult and 12-18 mph with two adults.

The boat features swivel seats and rod holders for added convenience, making it the perfect fishing boat for a day out on the water.


The Fish Skiff 16 comes with a range of accessories that make it perfect for fishing. It has an impressive range of fishing rod holders that allow you to carry several fishing rods.

It also has a comfortable swivel seat that is adjustable to your desired position, making it easy to stay comfortable during extended fishing trips.

The boat has a lot of air and extreme buoyancy, giving you that stability that is not common among other fishing boats.

The Fish Skiff 16 has a trolling motor that is perfect for stealth fishing, allowing you to get closer to the fish without making any noise.


  • Easy to inflate and transport, and features a powerful engine that can reach impressive speeds on the water.
  • The boat is sturdy enough to withstand running through thick brush without puncturing.
  • Minimal scuffing is noticed on the boat’s exterior, which is as thick as a rugged gardening hose.
  • Lures are unlikely to puncture the boat when side casting or skipping lures.
  • Beautiful Design and excellent durability make no regret after use.


  • The boat can be easily blown around by even the slightest bit of wind, which can be frustrating for bass fishers.
  • It is inconvenient to drop anchor every 5 feet when repositioning while fishing the bank.

Final words

In conclusion, the Sea Eagle Fish Skiff 16 is an excellent choice for anglers who are looking for a versatile, durable, and easy-to-transport boat.

It’s perfect for exploring different bodies of water and is designed to handle different water conditions, from shallow waters to open waters. With its impressive range of accessories and its solid construction, it’s a boat that will last for years.

The Fish Skiff 16 is an excellent investment for anyone who enjoys fishing in remote locations and wants a boat that can handle the challenges that come with it.