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6 Kayak Fishing Tips Any Angler Should Follow

Fishing in a kayak is a unique experience, offering a different perspective on the water than traditional fishing platforms. While kayak fishing is not for everyone, those who are patient and willing to experiment can often surpass the success they’d achieve on a traditional fishing platform. 

Whether you’re looking to catch trophy fish or simply want to get out on the water without the hassle of motorboat traffic, fishing in a kayak can be an exciting experience. Despite being less common than traditional fishing, there are some kayak fishing that can be employed when fishing in a kayak.

Kayak fishing Tips for safety

Fishing is a popular hobby in the United States, Canada, and Europe. It is a great way to spend time with family and friends and to catch fresh fish for dinner. However, fishing can be dangerous. The current, waves, and other obstacles can cause your boat to capsize, which can result in injury. So, safety is the foremost consideration during kayak fishing. 

To ensure your safety always wear a safety jacket; a PFD. If you capsize by the wave or imbalance, this PFD will keep you afloat on the water, nothing to worry about sinking. There are different types of PFD available in the market. Cost also varies from high to low. Remember nothing is costlier than your life.

You can carry a kayak safety flag with you. It will serve several purposes like increasing visibility to other paddlers (especially to the motor boaters), and sending indications to others that you are on anchor. These kayak flags are as necessary as lights are for night kayaking. The sole purpose of hanging a flag is to pay attention to you by motor boat and keep you safe on the water.

Selection Of Kayak: Sit In Or Sit On

One of the most important kayak fishing tips is to select the right fishing kayak. There are two types of kayaks found on the market. One is a sit-in kayak and the other is a sit-on-top kayak.

Both types of kayaks have been designed for different purposes. You can do kayak fishing from any one of these but you will not get the same comfort from both types of kayak. You can read more details about sit-on-top vs. sit-in kayaks and which type is suitable for what. 

If you ask me to tell you from my experience, I will highly recommend getting the best sit-on-top fishing kayak. Sit on top fishing kayak is a hundred times more comfortable for kayak fishing. They build for fishing purposes. You will have all the mountings, holes, pockets, slots, and large storage areas.

Don’t Overload Your Kayak

I found many anglers who overload their fishing kayak with tons of gears and accessories and become confused during fishing. Many kayak fishers bring 4 to 5 fishing rods and place all of them on rod holders and become puzzled when their fishing rods start tickling by fish. In this situation, you will not get the real pleasure of kayak fishing.

I prefer only one fishing rod for kayak fishing. If you insist I can go up to two fishing rods. Because, I get maximum pleasure when I can concentrate on one fishing rod and get the ultimate fun of fishing. 

Not only fishing rods but also other gears play a vital role in this wonderful kayak fishing. Take those stuff which needs for fishing. Do not take any redundant stuff unless it hampers safety. Learn about fishing kayak setup. You can set up your fishing kayak in two ways – basic and advanced setups.

Don’t Do Fishing Outside Of Your Comfort Level

You made all the plans for kayaking on a certain date. When the day comes, you are in trouble with the weather, mental problem, or any other sort of problem. Do not go kayak fishing in such a situation. This will not bring you much pleasure. Weather problems or heavy current areas which are not in your favor may lead to an unsafe condition. Always do kayak fishing the day you like and the spot you feel safe and enthusiastic.

Take an extra paddle though You Have Paddle Drive Kayak

We saw many people asking for help to take them to the bank of the river. Because they broke their paddle drive or tear down the rudder wire hence they lost control of their kayak. All these mechanical devices can be inoperative at any time. So the wise thing would be to keep an extra set of paddles at least one paddle. This kayak fishing tips also related to safety.

Do Not Do Kayak Fishing Alone

The last kayak fishing tips is not to be alone in fishing remote area. Though you did not face any trouble earlier, who knows when you need any kind of help? You may have leg cramps or muscle pain or a snake or gator bite though I wish nothing to happen.

As a precautionary measure, we should be well prepared. You can join to social media group and ask folks to join you or you can join them. Try to select a location that is not too remote from the residential area or people. If you want to explore a unique remote location for kayak fishing invite your friend or family to join you.

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