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What to wear kayaking in hot or cold weather

Kayaking is a type of sport or recreational activity. Every sport has its specific outfits for its best outcome. For kayaking, it is much more important than most outdoor sports. Since kayaking is done on the water you must need some outfits that keep your life secure while other outfits are for comfortability and beautifying the kayaking trip.

We saw many fellow kayakers where many of them like to adorn themselves with luxurious items to make the trip more enjoyable. While some of them like to keep themselves simple for easy kayaking. So today we will discuss what to wear kayaking that makes our enjoyment optimum.

Is it necessary to choose the right outfits for kayaking?

Wearing the right outfit is necessary if you really want to do kayaking with optimum pleasure. What if a surgeon or doctor participates in surgery without hand gloves, musk or apron? Surgery may be completed but the doctor and the patient will not be in good health condition. There could be other diseases that arise due to mutual contamination between doctor and patient.

I exemplified this story only to make you understand the importance of proper outfits or gear. Every profession has its own outfits and gears to make its job done safely and efficiently.

In kayaking, some do their job by wearing nothing that experts suggest. There are some minimum outfits that you should wear to make your trip safer. let’s dive into more segregated parts of the topic of what to wear kayaking.

What to wear kayaking in summer

The temperature of the land and water are quite different. Water temperature can be 5 to 10 degrees lower than land temperature. You could lose your body temperature faster in the water and end up with cold shock leading to hypothermia.

So, you should know what to wear when kayaking in summer though you assume high temperatures out of the water. Let’s be conscious of what to wear kayaking in summer and make others conscious too.


What to wear kayaking in summer 590 The temperature of the land and water are quite different. Water temperature can be 5 to 10 degrees lower than land temperature. You could lose your body temperature faster in the water and end up with cold shock leading to hypothermia. So, you should know what to wear when kayaking in summer though you assume high temperatures out of the water. Let's be conscious of what to wear kayaking in summer and make others conscious too. PFD

Don’t ignore a personal floatation device (PFD). It’s your life-saving item. Some kayakers are overconfident because they are swimmers but a PFD is not only for non-swimmer but also for swimmers.

After paddling long distances, who knows there will not be any problem? What if you are in the middle of the river or lake but don’t have the energy to swim back? At that time you will feel the importance of a PFD.

Sun protective items

During summer your skin may be exposed to sun rays at a higher rate. These may burn your skin and become tan within a day. So, wear a full sleeve synthetic dress that covers your hands to legs or use a sun protective UV cover arm sleeves.

Do not go for cotton fabric because cotton fabric absorbs water and makes your trip uncomfortable. Choose polyester or wool base layers because they become dry quickly and stretch well without preventing paddling movement.


A kayaking hat is an essential gear for anyone who loves kayaking. It is important to protect your head, neck, and ears from the sun while paddling.

There are a variety of kayaking hats available on the market, made from a variety of materials. Some kayakers prefer a hat with a brim to protect their face, while others prefer a hat with a wide brim to protect their entire head. Some kayakers also choose to wear a sunhat or a bandanna while kayaking.


what to wear kayaking in summer-sunglasses

Kayaking in summer is sometimes hard for looking towards long distant views. Sunlight sparkles from the tiny water waves and strikes the eyes which reduces visibility and hampers our vision. So, wearing a sunglass can give you a soothing vision during a sunny summer kayaking on river, lakes, or ocean.


For kayakers who are looking for underwear that will keep them cool and comfortable in summer weather, there are a few options to consider. One option is underwear that is specifically designed for kayaking, such as the Kayak Panty.

These underwear are made from a breathable and water-resistant fabric, so they will keep you cool and comfortable while you are kayaking.

Additionally, there are other types of underwear that are perfect for summer kayaking, such as boxer briefs. These boxer briefs are made from a soft and lightweight fabric, so they will keep you comfortable while you are paddling.


Always look for tops that are made other than cotton fabric. The cotton fabric absorbs water and holds it for a long time hence there is a chance of catching a cold though the weather seems hot. A rash guard made of synthetic fabric like polyester or nylon can fulfill the purpose of summer kayaking. They dry quickly and stretch well. 


Try to wear full pants if it is a sunny day to protect your legs from the harmful UV rays of the sun. If full pant makes you uncomfortable, avoid it. Instead of full pants, you can wear swim trunks. 

Also, test yourself for firm seating without slipping during paddling. Some synthetic thin pants are slippery on the kayak seat which makes paddling

uncomfortable. There are some padded non-slippery kayaking pants available on the market or you can order them from amazon.

Outer layer

Some experts suggest two types of layers- mid layer and outer layer. But I think a proper outer layer can do the same thing. If even the summer temperature makes you cool faster, you can add a mid-layer made of synthetic fabric.

If your destination is moderately hotter, a wet suit or dry suit is enough. These suits have gaskets at the neck and wrist. The dripping water from the paddle has no chance to get inside. These suits are also good for winter kayaking. So, these types of outer layers are good for both summer and winter kayaking.


water shoes for kayaking

To protect your feet from things like thorns, muck, leech, and other insects, you should wear shoes that are specially made for water sports or kayaking. Footwear gives you better confidence during paddling and landing on the shore or site.


Longtime paddling can cause blisters on your hand. Without gloves, any beginners will suffer from blisters on their hands after the first time paddling. To avoid such blisters, you should wear good kayaking gloves.

What to wear kayaking in winter

People who love to kayak during winter are often wondering what to wear kayaking. Is it possible to go kayaking in winter? Yes, it is. You just need to prepare well before you hit the water.

In this section of this article, I will provide you with some of the best tips on what to wear kayaking during winter, so that you can enjoy your time on the water and stay safe at the same time.


Outfits for winter kayaking-Wetsuits

A good wetsuit is essential for staying warm in cold water and avoiding hypothermia. The wetsuit should be snug fitting to avoid excessive water retention and should come with a hood, gloves, and boots to keep your extremities warm as well.


what to wear kayaking in winter-drysuits

A dry suit is also important for staying warm in cold water, but it’s not the only way to go about this task; a good neoprene vest can also do the trick if you’re not planning on being out on the water for too long.

When it comes to winter, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should dress in layers. Layering allows you to adjust your clothing based on how cold it is outside.

Layering for preventing cold

If you are going kayaking during winter, then you should wear a wetsuit and a dry suit over it for extremely cold conditions. You should also wear gloves, a hat, and boots.

  • The first layer of a dry suit is the base layer, which is usually made of wool or synthetic material. This layer will be against your skin and should be moisture-wicking to help keep you dry. This can be either wool or synthetic material and should be tight-fitting to avoid extra fabric bunching up around your legs while paddling or sitting in the boat.
  • The second layer is the insulation, which can be neoprene or other synthetic materials that are designed to trap air and keep you warm by will providing insulation and buoyancy.
  • The third layer is the outer shell which is a thicker fleece or wool sweater and protects your wetsuit from abrasion and water. The outer shell needs to have a high waterproof rating.

Kayaking outfit for male 

The best kayaking outfits for men can be hard to find. There are so many different things to consider and not all of them are important.

The first thing that you need to think about when it comes to picking out a good kayaking outfit is what your needs are. 

Do you want something that is going to keep you warm or cool? You also need to think about what type of water conditions there will be where you are going kayaking. 

If the water conditions will be rough then you may want a more durable and protective outfit, but if they will be calm then a looser fitting one

List of kayaking outfits for men:

  • A PFD
  • Kayaking Gloves
  • Water shoes
  • Wetsuit or drysuit
  • A waterproof pant or swim trunk (If temperature is high, go for swim trunks)
  • A hat (if a sunny day)
  • Synthetic layering (inner or mid layer)

Kayaking outfit for female

A lot of females are interested in kayaking, and for many reasons. It’s a fun sport to do with friends, it’s a great way to get exercise, or it’s just an enjoyable activity that can be done by oneself.

The type of clothes you wear while kayaking is important. You need clothes that are comfortable and functional. If you don’t have the right clothes on, you may not enjoy your time as much as you would if you had the right outfit on.

Most of the outfits of men are similar to the female. Only a few are different.

Here is the optimum list of female kayaking outfits:

  • Female life vests
  • kayaking gloves
  • Synthetic watersport garments
  • Dry suits or wetsuit  for female
  • female water booties
  • Female inner or mid layer
  • Sunscreen

Final Words

There are so many outfits you can choose. Do not overwhelmed with many outfits. Try to keep things simple so that too hot or cold can not be an obstacle throughout you trips. I

tried to share my best experience on this the topic what to wear kayaking and hope that this will help you kayaking safely and efficiently with joy. Test yourself with your desired outfits. If they are comfortable, do exaggerate with unnecessary clothing or other stuffs.

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